Tinos island Greece

Area: 194.464 sq.km (75 sq.mi.)

Population: 8574 (as of 2001)

Density: 44/sq.km (114/sq.mi.)

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Aegeon Beach Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Aegeon Beach
Aegli Hotel
Category: 1*
Afroditi Hotel
Category: 2**
Agali Beach Hotel
Category: 2**
Agali Beach
Ageri Hotel
Category: 3***
Akrogiali Hotel
Category: 3***
Altana Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Anemoessa Furnished Apts
Category: 1*
Anemoessa Ii Furnished Apts
Category: 1*
Anemoessa Ii
Anthia Hotel
Category: 3***
Avra Hotel
Category: 2**
Delfinia Hotel
Category: C'CLASS
Favie Suzanne Hotel
Category: 2**
Favie Suzanne
Favie Suzanne Ii Hotel
Category: 3***
Favie Suzanne Ii
Finikas Tinou Hotel
Category: 2**
Finikas Tinou
Golden Beach Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Golden Beach
Porto Tango Hotel
Category: 4****
Porto Tango
Tinion Hotel
Category: 3***
Tinos Camping
Category: C'CLASS
Tinos Beach Hotel
Category: 4****
Tinos Beach
Tinos Blue Hotel
Category: 2**
Tinos Blue
Vidalis Studios Hotel
Category: 3***
Vidalis Studios

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Tinos is a Greek location unspoiled with modern tourist industry, a part of Cycladic archipelago, an island for tranquil rest and lots of new impressions. It is a hospitable island offering rather big towns full of cultural and historic sights as well as the most luxurious and boldly expensive hotels and small settlements in picturesque locations with their individual distinct characters, family owned hotels and traditional entertainments. Getting to Tinos is easy in a traditional Greek way – by ferry. The nearest airport is on Mykonos. Ferry is the most preferable way of getting to the island.

Tinos hotels offer the greatest variety of apartments and accommodations to stop in. Guests will find simple rooms and luxurious suites. One of the most popular Tinos hotels is Akti Giannaki nestled in Kardiani Bay. It is a new complex with rooms, suites and studios overlooking sensational beach views. The complex is set within easy reach from the beach and from main sights of the destination.

The main town of Tinos has got the same name. Distinctive narrow streets, cozy street cafes, numerous restaurants and taverns create a genuine Greek atmosphere. Tourists will discover numerous churches and chapels in the city with Megalohari being a must see sight. You will also enjoy visiting Sculpture Museum, Byzantine Museum and Art Gallery of Artists of Tinos. The suburbs of Tinos keep many picturesque villages and settlements to visit: Kardiani, Isternia, Komi. Pyrgos is a village of artists. Its masters have got recognition due to their skills of marble cutting into sculptures and statues.

Tinos island is also known for its cozy and quiet beaches. Agios Ioannis Porto is a large beautiful sandy beach with tranquil clear waters embracing the location. Panormos is a windy beach location offering great opportunities for windsurfing fans. Livada is a perfect location with nice pebble beaches and gorgeous granite rocks surrounding the place and creating very tranquil atmosphere.
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